SCHOLA EMPIRICA  is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports

We are an accredited educational organization and we offer the educational program. " Good Start:
Supporting Social and Emotional Development of Preschool Children" The program is offered in the
duration of either 40 hours or 17 hours.

Accreditation of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, No. MSMT-25238 / 2016-2-772.
The individual modules include the presentation of the main topics, analysis of videos of good practice,
training of activities and self-reflection of participants with a focus on the development of personal
qualities as a preschool educator leading to empowerment in communication and individualization of
education of children, working with colleagues including problematic interactions, inclusive education
as well as in the area of pedagogical cooperation within the kindergarten and communication with

Overview of the main topics:

– Building positive relationships between teachers and parents.
– Building positive relationships with children,
– Support of positive behaviour: praising and cooperative learning
– Strategies to deal with negative behaviour
– Methods to manage negative emotions
– Teaching anger management
– Learning to problem solve