Primary Schools
1. Grade

We offer our Good Start methodology for primary school teachers. The methodology has been implemented in Czech pre-schools for over 10 years but proved to be beneficial for children in primary schools.

Creative, Self-contained and Balanced Child

We support the development of creativity, endurance and independent decision-making of children. The important aspects include building the self-confidence and positive attitude towards the others. We respect the individuality of the child.

Primary Schools
2. Grade

We support active teachers of primary schools in attitudes where the initiative and responsibility are in child’s hands. We act as facilitators and couches.

The Project “Learning Entrepreneurship”

For teachers of primary schools, we provide support in developing creativity and entrepreneurship skills of pupils. The project is focused on the ability to see the opportunities in one’s own surroundings, using one’s own skills and capacity to transform these opportunities into the personal targets by creative and innovative ways.

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Methodical Materials for Work in Classroom

We prepared four sets of supporting methodological materials for teachers enrolled in the project “Learning Entrepreneurship.” These include: “Our Enterprise”, “Profiles of Entrepreneurs”, “Communication and Dealing with People and “Harry Potter: The Explorer”.

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Methodological Support and Teachers Training

The cohesion of different levels is an important aspect for the quality of education. Therefore, we aim to support the interconnectedness of pre-schools and primary schools through further education of teachers. We also focus on enhancing cooperation between parents and school enhancing the role of the school in the socialization process of children from disadvantaged environments.

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