Project Description

The evaluation of the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) was carried out for the European Commission’s DG Justice, Freedom and Security (DG JLS).

The main objective of this evaluation was to identify the role that the EUCPN (European Crime Prevention Network) plays in crime prevention area in Europe when exchanging information on, best practice among relevant governmental and nongovernmental organizations and developing research in the field of crime prevention. The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the extent to which the aims of the EUCPN have been met with regard to Identifying good practices in crime prevention and sharing knowledge and experience gained between EU member countries, accumulating and evaluating information on crime prevention activities, improving the exchange of ideas and information within the Network, developing contacts and facilitating cooperation between Member States, contributing to the development of local and national strategies on crime prevention, promoting crime prevention activities by organizing meetings, seminars. SCHOLA EMPIRICA took part in key activities of evaluation, drafting the research methodology, interviewing the National Contact Points and Representatives in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia and providing inputs for the final report.