Good Start

Principles of Good Start


Giving Attention

The teacher takes an individual interest in each child, noticing and rewarding desirable behaviour and deliberately overlooking what is undesirable.

Situational Learning

The teacher responds to what is happening in the classroom and helps children understand the causes and consequences of their actions through dramatization with puppets. Children love to ask questions and talk with the puppet-friends.

Spontaneous Social Learning - the Principle of Natural Imitation

Modelling desirable behaviour and actions of children through their own behaviour or that of the teacher.

Benefits of Good Start® Methodology

It is comprehensive and unpretentious

It allows a smooth and immediate introduction into practice.

It is instructive

It provides concrete steps and activities for developing social and emotional skills.

It is inclusive

It is designed for all children, including those with special educational needs, and is very effective for children with challenging behaviour.

Promotes wellbeing of children and teachers

It has been effective when reducing the incidence of unwanted behaviour and conflicts.

Sample Videos

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Methodological Materials and Tools

In addition to the know-how itself, the methodology also contains a set of methodological support materials that help teachers engage with children in a way that is appropriate for their cognitive abilities.

Methodological Publications

Good Start. Best practices for preschool teachers

The importance of early intervention in early child development. Methodological manual

Good Start Curriculum for preschools

Methodological Tools

Examples of scenarios for working with big puppets

Games and activities for children in the classroom - Hafík's toolbox for preschool


Illustrated cards A4 and A5 - situations and emotions

Letters to parents at the beginning of each lesson

Let's talk. Homework book for children and parents

Puppet Hafik

Hafik's Coloring Book, Hafik's Games and Stories, The Wise Bear's Tales

Publications and tools are included in the methodological training packages.

Trained Kindergarteners who need to supplement their materials, please contact us at

The curriculum is a key material for preschool teachers to better grasp the Good Start methodology and to facilitate its implementation in daily classroom practice. It offers a theoretical background, a pervasiveness of key competences, but above all it gives precise guidelines for working with children that teachers can easily transfer to their practice or be inspired by. Since the Good Start methodology and the Curriculum emphasise the social and emotional development of the child, cooperation between the school and the family is very important, and the Curriculum does not forget this.

Good Start as a building block of the SPP

The methodology is based on the Czech Framework Education Program (RVP) and is compatible with other school curricula. We have prepared the Good Start Curriculum, which teachers can easily incorporate directly into the classroom curriculum. We will be happy to help teachers to introduce and implement the methodology into the preschool practice. 

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