Main principles

The KiVa programme is based on the assumption that through bullying the aggressor is trying to gain power, admiration or a better position in the group. To achieve such benefits, in addition to the victim the aggressor needs supporters who admire him for his behaviour. It is therefore important how bystanders feel about the aggressor’s behaviour. If bystanders do not speak out against inappropriate behaviour, they become silent supporters of the aggressor. The KiVa programme therefore focuses primarily on changing the attitude of bystanders – they are  often overlooked and yet very important key to tackling bullying in schools.

Benefits of KiVa®

It is complex

The methodological programme for preventing and dealing with bullying is comprehensive. It includes prevention, intervention and evaluation.

It is instructive

It provides very specific tools, activities and practices to develop soft skills to eliminate bullying.

Provides independence

Once the program is in place, the school can prevent and address bullying on its own, without the need for third-party intervention.

Promotes wellbeing of children and teachers

In a safe environment, children develop better, perform better at school and enjoy coming to school.

the pillars of the kiva programme


Prevention: a universal measures

Prevention activities take place throughout the school year and involve pupils and teachers. A key part of the universal measures are the KiVa learning sessions that take place every month, and the pupils really enjoy them!

Intervention: targeted measures

Targeted interventions are designed for cases where bullying is already occurring at school and aim to stop bullying. The school's KiVa team addresses and documents incidents of repeated and systematic bullying. As a result, the KiVa programme provides guidance on what to do when a school becomes aware of or suspects a bullying incident.

Monitoring and evaluation

Observation and measurement are key to gradual improvement and long-term maintenance of a low incidence of bullying. The KiVa programme therefore offers schools an across-the-board monitoring tool. An annual questionnaire for pupils and teachers provides valuable feedback on the current situation of bullying at school and allows longer-term trends to be monitored.

Sample videos

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The program offers a wide range of ready-to-use materials. The main focus of the programme is on prevention: it offers teachers everything from lesson plans to prepared presentations.

All materials in English are available to schools registered in a pilot project.

Methodological Materials

Manuals for Teachers

Presentation for Students, Parents and Teachers


Online Games

Other Supporting Materials

Guide for Parents

Newsletters for Parents

Online Questionnaires for Students and Teachers

Visuals (Vests, Badges), Posters

KiVa as a school helper

The aim of the programme is to teach schools to prevent bullying and to identify bullying early. It also provides schools with guidance on how to deal with existing cases. The KiVa programme can be incorporated into the Minimum Prevention Programme for the prevention of risky behaviour.

Teachers of our school have previously jointly created a motto = mission of the school: 'I am happy when I am fine, because if relationships are not fine, everything else is useless'. It is evident that pleasant and safe relationships at school are important to all of us and we are happy to be able to fulfill our mission with the help of the KiVa program.

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