Skills Builder

Objectives of the methodology

Skills Builder develops children's

Ability to listen

The acquisition, storage and processing of information or ideas.

Presentation skills

Oral transmission of information or ideas.

Ability to solve problems

Ability to find solutions to complex situations or challenges.

Creative thinking

Engaging the imagination and coming up with new ideas.

Positive settings

Ability to use tactics and strategy to overcome complications and achieve goals.


Ability to set clear, achievable goals and design a workable path to achieve them.

Leadership skills

Supporting, encouraging and motivating others to achieve common goals.


Working with others to achieve a common goal.
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Since 2019, we are adapting the methodology to the Czech environment and together with teachers we develop learning activities for each step.

Skills for better communication, self-management, problem solving and collaboration

The Skills Builder methodology provides educators with step-by-step guidance on how to develop children's soft skills and help them to succeed in school and in life.

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