Skills Builder

Main Principles

The Skills Builder methodology provides a basic overview of what students should be able to do and offers strategies and methods to develop the skills.

Ability to listen

Step 0

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Step 4

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Step 7

Step 8

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Step 11

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Step 15

Each skill in 16 steps

The individual skills are divided into 16 steps. For each step, a goal is defined and what the students should be able to do when mastering it.  The sub-knowledge and strategies to achieve the goal and develop the skill are also described.

These sub-sections are structured so that educators can easily use them in the classroom. Students progress from simple to complex, each successive step presupposes mastery of the previous step.

Skills Builder workflow


Mapping the level

The key to effective skill teaching is selecting one of the skills and setting the bar at the right level – step.

Targeting a specific step

After identifying the stage of skill acquisition, the teacher selects a specific step.

Tracking progress

The teacher reflects on pupils' progress, monitoring whether and how pupils have understood the step and whether they are sufficiently confident in it.

Benefits of the Skills Builder methodology

It is comprehensive and structured

It guides through all levels - from beginners to masters.

It is instructive

It provides very specific activities and procedures for the development of 8 soft skills.

It is inclusive

It is designed for all students and offers strategies for developing even those skills for which students have no natural talent.

Helps teachers at all stages

With lesson planning, giving feedback, setting up a reward system and anchoring the terminology into everyday practice.

16 Steps to Mastery

Download the Principles and the Framework Program with all the skills and steps.

The material is free, accessible by entering your email.


In addition to the know-how itself, the methodology also includes a set of support materials to help teachers motivate and reflect on pupils skills and monitor the progress.

Skills Builder Methodological Website (CZ)

Skills Builder Framework (ENG)

Methodological materials and aids

Teacher's Guide - Guides to Skills Development

Posters with Skill Steps

Skills Certificates

Pupil Records


Skills Posters

Progress Recor

"Thanks to the Skills Builder methodology, my colleague and I started using the expre Attentive Listening instead of LISTEN in our first grade classes."

Skills Builder as an assistant to the SPP

The methodology offers a sophisticated procedure for the development of key competences of primary school pupils. It also helps with verbal assessment. Skills Builder can be easily integrated into the curriculum in diferent levels of education.

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