We support social workers

We developed the methodology module Good Start for social and field workers to help them effectively support their clients’ parenting skills. The aim is to complement common social work with focused support on developing parenting skills and improving their relationships with their children. The project includes an impact evaluation as a part of an international research project led by the University of Oxford and the University of Cape Town, and is supported by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Schola Empirica thus contributes to generating a huge international data sample to improve global programs that support parenthood and reduce violence against children.

Working with NEET youth

Within another project called Networking workers to exchange good practice in youth work at risk of social exclusion, we have set up and developed a platform for social services workers devoted to disadvantaged children and youth to share their experiences and knowledge. This platform has an online knowledge base at socwiki.cz. This two-year project has enabled social and field workers across different institutions (Authority for Social and Legal Protection of Children; low-threshold clubs, asylum homes, etc.) to go to Sweden and learn about local practices. The participants have adapted their knowledge to the Czech environment and started using it in their own work with the so-called NEET youth (not in education, employment or training). By now, the cooperating workers have tested and evaluated innovations and uncommon practices and projects. These evaluations can be found on the above-mentioned webpage socwiki.cz. We actively update the webpage as further discoveries in this area are made. If you know about any interesting projects that should be include on the platform, contact us at mazak@scholaempirica.org

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