In Autumn 2018 we have published a new book for parents  Good Start: Evidence Based Methods for Parents“

The Book is focused on the development of positive relationships between children and parents. Every parent is a model for a child not only in learning to react in certain situations or communicate with others but also for the child’s perception of the world around. Every parent has to frequently make choice among the battles to be fought with children and among the strategies and methods of dealing with misbehaviours. This book would help parents to find alternatives to some of these choices.

Main Topics:

  • Positive attention and praising
  • Time together and play with children
  • How to speak to be heard
  • Support for language development
  • How to set the rules and limits
  • How to give commands
  • How to support positive and ignore negative behaviours
  • How to teach friendship skills
  • How to teach children to deal with negative emotions
  • How to teach children to problem solve
  • How to deal with the parenting stress
  • Why and how to establish cooperation with teachers

This publication was published thanks to the project “Good Start: Inclusive Methods of Work with Children and Parents”, Reg. Nr.. CZ.23.3.61/0.0/0.0/15_007/0000193, funded from the European Social Fund and Czech National Budget,  ISBN 978-08-905748-7-8