„Good Start“ methodology aims to develop the social and emotional competencies of pre-school children. It is implemented in formal and informal pre-school settings in the Czech Republic.

Good Start Methodology:

  • Is inclusive. It involves all children in class which includes children from different cultural backgrounds, disadvantaged social environments, and children with behaviour difficulties.
  • Provides guidance for teachers and parents. It presents methods and strategies of how to support the social and emotional development of children and how to deal with problematic situations.
  • Is evidence based. This methodology has been tested worldwide for over 30 years and has been shown to have a positive influence on communication between children and teachers and within the family. Schola Empirica introduced the Good Start methodology in Czech pre-schools in 2011. Since then over 300 teachers have been trained and methods are being implemented in over 100 pre-schools across the Czech Republic.
  • Based on the cooperation with parents. The Good Start methodology is being developed for parents and social workers.