We regularly organize training programs and develop methodological materials to support the education of teachers. Since 2017 we have developed a network of Regional Methodological Centres across the Czech Republic.

Accredited educational programs

We are an accredited educational organization and we offer the educational program. “Good Start: Supporting Social and Emotional Development of Preschool Children”. The program is offered for either 40 hours or 17 hours.

Accreditation of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, No. MSMT-25238 / 2016-2-772.

The individual modules include the presentation of central topics, analysis of videos, training activities, and self-reflection exercises to enable participants to develop personal qualities as preschool educators. The program empowers communication and individualization in the education of children, through outlining strategies to manage varied problematic interactions. The program also develops strategies to foster environments of inclusivity in education.

Overview of the main topics:

  • Building positive relationships between teachers and parents.
  • Building positive relationships with children,
  • Support for positive behaviour: praising and cooperative learning
  • Strategies to deal with negative behaviour
  • Methods to manage negative emotions
  • Teaching anger management
  • Learning to problem solve

Regional Centres for Good Start Methodology

With the support of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports we have developed several Centres for Collegial Support and Mutual Learning of Pre-School Teachers in different regions of the Czech Republic.

The Regional Centers aim to become a model of “Good Start Pre-school” for surrounding pre-schools and other target groups, such as parents, non-formal education workers, and social services.

Regional Center:

  • Provides background for teacher development in the “Good Start” methodology
  • Creates space for professional growth, sharing experience and inspiration for pedagogical work
  • Allows discussion with experts and experienced educators
  • Creates a long-term regional platform for development and deeper understanding of the topics of individualisation, inclusion, work with inappropriate behaviours, supporting a positive climate in the classroom, support of children with special educational needs and support of independent learning.
  • Allows good practice to be shared through video records and classroom visits
  • Organizes regular professional meetings for those interested in surrounding schools or other informal educational facilities.
  • Constitutes an umbrella expert platform at the national level, attended by leading experts from other centers and experts in pedagogy, psychology and social services.

A total of 12 Regional Centers Collegial Support will be established during the years 2017-2021, in the Czech Republic, funded by ESF project No. CZ.02.3.68 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_010 / 0000506.

The Current Regional “Good Start” Centers include:

  •       Mozaika Jihlava (Vysočina Region)
  •       Kindergarten Dobroměřice (Ústí nad Labem Region)
  •       Kindergarten Brno, Měříčkova 46 (Southbohemian Region)
  •       Kindergarten Kytička (Liberec Region)
  •       Kindergarten Albertova (Hradeckkrálové Region)
  •       Kindergarten K Polabinám (Pardubice Region)

In the school year 2019/2020 there will be another three Regional Centers in the Central Bohemian, South Bohemian and Pilsen regions.

Mentoring and Supervision of Pre-School Teachers

For pre-school teachers who have already completed our introductory education programs, we offer further support in introducing methods and activities within their pedagogical work. Thanks to professional supervision, we enable teachers to learn more deeply and adopt methodologies under expert guidance.

The main focus is on working with the initial teacher’s competencies and experience. Through self-reflection and guided instruction, educators practice and develop their pedagogy.

We encourage more experienced teachers to become mentors to their colleagues and contribute their professional, collegial support to the development of skills to support children’s social and emotional skills, develop their school readiness, reduce aggression, and promote co-operation with peers.

Internships for Pre-school Teachers

We provide internships for teachers in pre-school facilities in the Czech Republic and abroad, which are targeted to methodically support the social and emotional development of young children.

We cooperate with the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI) at Bangor University in the UK. It is a workplace that professionally supports the  practice of the Incredible Years Methodology and other similar approaches to support social and emotional skills of preschool children and cooperates with pre-school facilities that our teachers have had an opportunity to visit during their internships.

With our international partners we also develop the E-learning modules which focus on different topics in preschool education.

E-learning – (Erasmus) :

  1. Work with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  2. E-learning platform for adult educators working with migrants
  3. Mutual online platform for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) professionals

School Certification – We grant the pre-schools and informal education setting the “Good Start” Certificate for meeting the defined criteria of pedagogical practice.