Methodology Good Start

The teacher training program “Good Start: Support of Social and Emotional Development of Pre-school Children” is a Czech adaptation of the Incredible Years program developed in the USA; a program which has the supportive evidence of more than 30 years of empirical verification and has already been implemented in several European countries.

Methodical Materials for Teachers

Publication: „Good Start: Evidence Based Practices for Pre-school Teachers“ Prague: Schola Empirica, 2015. ISBN 978-80-905748-2-3. Printed copies upon request:

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Methodological Support and Education of Teachers

The cohesion of different levels is an important aspect for the quality of education. Therefore, we aim to support the interconnectedness of pre-schools and primary schools through further education of teachers. We also focus on enhancing cooperation between parents and school, enhancing the role of school in the socialization process of children.

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