Teaching materials

We prepare four types of worksheets with different focus areas. These focus areas are divided into the following worksheets: i. Our Entrepreneurship, ii. Successful People, iii. Communication, iv.  Harry the Explorer.

Our Entrepreneurship

These worksheets focus on the detailed formulation of business ideas invented by pupils. It follows the logic of the internationally-recognized structure called Lean Canvas. Based on the outcome (i.e. business plan) of their long-term work with these worksheets, pupils can enrol in a national competition organized by Schola Empirica.

Successful People

The “Successful people” worksheet present thought-provoking stories of outstanding entrepreneurs and activists who have helped to solve the problem(s) of various communities. The aim is to inspire and empower children to believe that by their own effort they can be the change they wish to see in the world. 


This focus area aims to introduce methods on how to effectively communicate with other people. It helps children react correctly to plenty of real-life situations (dealing with conflicts, what to do when their motivation drops when in teams etc.). The content of these worksheets is inspired by the book “How to win friends and influence” written by the famous Dale Carnegie. 

Harry the Explorer

The aim of these worksheets is to develop critical thinking. The worksheets are a tool used as a gentle introduction to scientific methods. This focus area is much inspired by the book “Harry Potter and Methods of Rationality” written by Eliezer Yudkowsky.