Project Description

The project is targeted to promote inclusive preschool education in three Czech cities: Roudnice nad Labem, Steti and Krupka. One of the main objectives is to support the inclusion of pre-school children from a socially disadvantaged and culturally different environment into mainstream education. The project activities, therefore, include the cooperation between parents and pre-school teachers enabling an easier entry and adaptation of children in pre-schools. This process is also closely related to the cooperation between educational and social services, so it is effective when motivating and supporting parents to participate in the education process of their children.

The project focuses on the following activities:

  • Enhancing competences of teachers and pedagogical staff in preschools
  • Training in topics of inclusion and multiculturality
  • Further education program in evidence-based inclusive methodology for the age group 2-7 years and long-term methodical support
  • Providing teachers with a methodology for working with parents
  • Long-term targeted discussions on teachers attitudes with regard to pedagogical work and guidance to self-reflection
  • Internship aimed at sharing good practice and transfer of effective methods  in inclusive pre-school education

Supporting parents:

  • Training in the field of early care (parenting skills)
  • Discussing and analyzing their attitudes and behaviors in order to improve their educational strategies

Supporting children, ie. support provided to educational work with preschool children, the emphasis is on the application of the methodology of inclusive education and support of their social and emotional adaptability

Dates of project implementation: 1. 9. 2016 – 31. 8. 2019

Reg. Nr. CZ.02.3.61 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_007 / 0000193)

Project Partners:

  • Pre-school „Písnička“, Krupka
  • Romano Jasnica (Krupka, Steti)

Cooperating Organizations:

  • Pre-school „Sluníčko“, Roudnice n. Labem
  • Pre-school Štětí
  • Charita/Naděje (Roudnice n. Labem)