Project Description

The main mission of this project is to enhance the development of an e-participation in the Czech Republic. This tool is one of the crucial parts of representative democracy mechanisms. Elected councilors should keep track of the needs and opinions of the people they represent. The goal of this project is to create, check and offer a bundle of tools which will (by the use of IT) significantly simplify participation of citizens in the decision-making process of its municipality. At the same time, the opinions of citizens will be provided to municipalities.
The main tools of evaluation will arise from an online pilot testing project – an electronic sociological tool for research of public opinion and gathering incentives from citizens. This tool will be subsequently offered and distributed for free to all municipalities in the Czech Republic. The project is being realized in following municipalities: MČ Praha 7, České Budějovice, Kolín, Černošice, Kamenice nad Lipou, Bory. We have deliberately chosen different municipalities (size, region) to enable testing the tool in different conditions which should help to reveal the pros and cons of its utilization. Supported by a grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway under the EHP funds ( and
A conference held on the 17th of March 2016 in Prague,  focused on the presentation of e-instrument enabling citizens participation in the decision-making process at a local level.  We look forward to meeting you at the Conference in Prague.