Project Description

MediaParents – Competence training for media education of parents in rural areas (MediaParents)

The use of digital media is now part of everyday life in European families, also and especially in rural areas. Children are more and more likely to come into contact with digital media, whether by observing their parents or siblings when using them or because they themselves use them. However, the relevance of digital media use for a child or adolescent and the direction in which media use develops depends to a large extent on the parents’ media education.

Thus, it is inevitable that the involvement of children and adolescents by digital means, together with the emergence of social relationships and educational-professional rehabilitation through the digital world leads us to the conclusion that adult children and adolescents should be properly guided in order to choose the means, content and correct allocation of time they spend there.

A major goal of the project is therefore to enable parents to deal with the topic and to provide them with sufficient information. One way to support parents in their media education tasks is to offer themed and institutionally detached parents’ evenings. In this way, media-pedagogical knowledge and practical handouts can be imparted in a way that is suitable for everyday use in home education and can be developed together in a common exchange.

In order to achieve this objective, these activities will be carried out:

  1. Trained staff (MediaParent Consultants) for group-oriented e-learning courses
  2. Creation of e-learning platform with lessons on various education topics to qualify as a MediaParent consultant
  3. Implementation of media-pedagogical evenings for parents
  4. The Evaluation of learning performance for future MediaParent consultants
  5. Expansion of database to find MediaParent consultants for exchange and networking amongst each other and across national borders.

During the course of the project, there will be six planned meetings: two meetings in Germany (Postdam and Berlin), one meeting in Slovakia (Bratislava), one meeting in Sweden (Stockholm), one meeting in the Czech Republic (Prague) and the other meeting in Austria (Krems) The piloting will take place in 5 partner countries.

Period of project implementation: 1.9.2020 – 31.08.2023

Co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union

The project is carried out in partnership with:

  • E&G Projekt Agentur GmbH (Germany)
  • ELDERBERRY AB (Sweden)
  • Generationen gehen gemeinsam (Germany)
  • Österreichische Kulturvereinigung VHS Krems (Austria)