Project Description

Period of implementation: 1.1.2020 – 31.12.2022


The project addresses three areas in pre-school and primary education that are often left out: it offers comprehensive evidence-based tools for teachers, provides a complex methods for supporting socio-emotional competences of children and incorporates them into School Educational Programmes, allowing  for continuity in development of socio-emotional competences in preschool and basic school education, and offers evidence-based methods of involving parents in the educational process of their children.

The project address mentioned issues by: 

  1. Introducing the Good Start methodology to pre-schools. Good Start is a comprehensive evidence-based methodology for supporting socio-emotional competences of pre-school children. The methodology:
    1. specifies the key  topics in the pre-school curriculum (Framework Educational Programme) related to development of socio-emotional competences (Building positive relationships between teachers and parents, Building positive relationships with children, Support for positive behaviour: praising and cooperative learning, Strategies to deal with negative behaviour, Methods to manage negative emotions, Teaching anger management, Learning to problem solve),
    2. offers specific activities related to each of the identified topics that can be used in the classroom.

Introducing the Skills Builder methodology to basic schools. Skills Builder is a comprehensive evidence-based methodology for developing soft skills in primary school. The methodology:

  1. guides the development of soft skills in children and youth aged 3 to 18,
  2. specifies 8 soft skills (Listening, Presenting, Problem Solving, Creativity, Staying Positive, Aiming High, Leadership, Teamwork),
  3. divides each of the skills into 15 key steps and provides specific activities and exercises for their development,
  4. offers tools for self-assessment and assessment by the teacher.
  1. Allows for continuity between socio-emotional skills development in pre-schools and in primary schools. Skills Builder can be used from 3 years of age. The Good Start methodology can be used in basic schools as well as in pre-schools. The project will enable teachers to use these two methodologies together in a complementary manner.
  2. Offers evidence-based methods for involving parents in the educational process of their children and for establishing good working relationship with the family. The Good Start methodology offers specific tools to teachers for communicating and cooperating with parents of pre-school children. The Skills Builder methodology allows the involvement of parents through formative assessment of their children.

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