Modern problems require modern solutions – Prague Summer Schools 2020 go ONLINE!

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We are experiencing exceptional times that bring along changes and challenges for everyone. Prague Summer Schools is unfortunately not exempt from these changes. After much discussion, we have concluded that it will not be feasible to welcome our students to Prague this summer due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, we are eager to pursue our mission and we will provide you with an opportunity to gain insight into current science and global issues in a special way!

We are excited to offer a 5 – day PSS Online Course where we plan to gather students in a digital space to deepen their knowledge and broaden their horizons. From July 6th to July 10th, 2020 (Monday – Friday), we will carry out two of our Summer Schools that will be virtually conducted by international lecturers and experts from the UK, the USA, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Czechia. The virtual programs of the Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology and the Summer School on Development, Sustainability and Globalization. You will be given access to an online learning platform with relevant literature and recorded lectures of our experts. Each day you can engage in live question-answers sessions and interactive debates with academics, practitioners and fellow students.

The Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology aims to provide students with advanced knowledge about the application of psychological approaches and research methods in the processes and practices of the criminal justice system. This includes the skills of evaluating eyewitness testimony, false and recovered memories, identifying the evidence and the legal process as well as wrongful convictions and false confessions. As a result students will be able to assess the importance of scientific knowledge in order to avoid biased court procedures and unjust sentences.

The Summer School on Development, Sustainability and Globalization thematizes the problems in our global development and how to solve them by addressing political, economic, technological and environmental aspects. Students will look into the frictions between globalization, development and sustainability created by international trade, a multilateral system of global rules, business and NGO activities in developing countries. On this basis they will be able to identify the premises of social development and businesses that are sustainable both financially and environmentally.

Throughout both courses, students will not only benefit from the expertise of the lecturers, but also from the exchange with interested fellow students in a unique online learning environment. We can also provide students with a certificate for participation in the course. We apologize for these unfortunate circumstances and hope that you will be interested in joining us virtually this summer!

Participation in the PSS Online Course is free of charge. You can apply until June 10th, 2020. Since the number of spots is limited and we accept on a rolling basis, early registered students will be favored.

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