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We help schools to develop
children's social and emotional skills through
evidence-based methodologies


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There is little focus in our education on the development of social and emtional skills. We aim to change that. Through scientifically proven methodologies, we help educators develop children’s social and emotional skills so that they can succeed in school and in life and fully develop their talents and personality.

For educational and other organisations

Scientific verification of effectiveness

We measure the impact of the practices and interventions introduced in the education and social sector. We conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis including  research design, data collection and reports. We publish the results of our research.



We spread best practices in education

There is a lot of good will to improve education in our country, but not all efforts have the desired effect and are in the right direction. That’s why we bring evidence-based methodologies from around the world that proved to be effective when supporting children in their effort to suceed in school and in life. We adapt the methodologies to the Czech environment, test them in our conditions and scale them.

Our Methodologies

Effective educational methodologies from around the world adapted for the Czech Republic



Good Start for Pre-schools

The Good Start methodology helps to develop social and emotional competences of preschool children and to be effective when reducing the incidence of difficult behaviour and conflicts among children.



Good Start for Parents

The Good Start for Parents supports parents in building positive communication and partnership with their children.It aims to empower parents and support their self-confidence in the upbringing strategies of children.


United Kingdom

Skills Builder

The Skills Builder methodology is a step-by-step guide for teachers focusing on the development of soft skills of students aged 6-18.




KiVa® is a bullying prevention and intervention program that provides systematic help for schools to effectively reduce bullying and create a safe school environment.

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