EDUin Public Award goes to our Good Start methodology!

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On the 29th of January, Schola EMPIRICA participated in the EDUin Awards Ceremony held in Opero, a co-working centre in Prague. EDUin has been recognising innovative and inspirational educational projects since 2013. Around 100 projects apply each year, and 10 are then selected by the expert jury to proceed to the final round and compete for the Expert Jury Award, the Public Award and the EDUin Media Award (an award for quality education-related journalism).

This year, Schola EMPIRICA applied with the Good Start methodology (which focuses on developing social, emotional and cognitive skills in preschool children), and was awarded first prize in the Public Award category! We appreciate your support and would like to thank you for your votes.

Other projects awarded a prize included: “Přečti” (Read) – an intergenerational project dedicated to developing (pre)literacy in pre-school children, “Digitální stopa” (Digital Footprint) which educates children, teachers and parents about the risks they might face in the online environment, “Největší přání” (Biggest Wish) – a book that introduces children to topics relevant in today’s world, such as manufacturing, maritime transport, consumerism, migration or friendship, and “Svět médií” (Media World) which aims to promote media education in both formal and non-formal education.

Your support encourages us to continue working hard towards creating more innovative and inclusive education in the Czech Republic. Our Good Start methodology will now be introduced in three new regions: Zlínský, Olomoucký and Moravskoslezský, where new Collegiate Support Centres will be created. We are also preparing a new project based on the Good Start and Skills Builder methodologies that will be implemented in Prague and Středočeský region.

You can watch a short video from the EDUín 2019 award ceremony below.


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